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Talkateen is a mobile based app made especially for teens and adolescents to enable remote therapy sessions that fit their lifestyle, availability and the way they feel most comfortable communicating.


We’ve developed several unique programs that are accurate for the treatment of children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, lack of social and interpersonal skills, suicide prevention, and more. These programs are run on a WhatsApp like mobile app named Talkateen and are used to provide remote therapy sessions. Talkateen is HIPAA compliant and meets the strictest information security terms in both the US and Israel.

Talkateen was developed with a vision of providing teens with a new distinct way of attending a therapy session with a professional psychologist without leaving the comfort of their own home. Those seeking assistance are now able to get in touch with a psychologist right away from their mobile device using our app and select the therapist they’d like to communicate with.

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Online Communication Channel

customized to fit our audience's needs

Customized Materials

that were developed especially per program and per treatment

Keep all materials

users will be able to keep the materials developed for them and reuse whenever they want

Higher availability

for treatments than traditional appointments

Certified professional Therapists

All of our therapists are certified in psychotherapy and obtain a license to practice

More Affordable



Our Research

Our research, done by Professor Michelle Sloane from Tel Aviv University, took place over the course of two years. The results showed that treatment through Talkateen was just as effective as traditional therapy for numerous mental health disorders. This research focused specifically on hundreds of teenagers.

About us

Our Professional Team

Our team, in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, has done extensive research to find the effectiveness of therapy through text messages. Our research proved that therapy through messages can be just as effective as the traditional therapy that is common today.

Talkateen has thus far developed modules for anxiety, depression, social & interpersonal problems, suicide prevention and addiction. These modules provide clear guidelines and tips for our therapists and help them lead all sessions in the best possible way.

Our team consists of highly certified professionals with experience in the psychological field and in working with children and adolescents.


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